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The Ward Report 9.22.2021
America’s Audit Update and Chucri takes a dive! Read More.
The Ward Report 9.19.2021
Pushing back on mandates and staying strong against the left. Katie Kopkins joins Kelli in Dallas for a special message! Read More.
The Ward Report 9.13.2021
Join in the conversation about Oregon turning red, Americas audit and Trump endorsements. Read More.
The Ward Report 9.10.2021
In today’s Ward Report we talk about statements made yesterday by the teleprompter in chief regarding forced vaccination, the new Election Manual put out by the liberal loon AZSOS and America’s Audit. Read More.
The Ward Report 9.7.2021
Today in the Ward Report, we cover the CPAC drama in Brazil, Fauci being a proven liar, main stream media and their fake ivermectin stories as well as Texas making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Read More.
The Ward Report 9.5.2021
Labor Day Weekend report. Biden failures. Read More.
The Ward Report 9.3.2021
Texas Abortion law, The Jobs Report and Recall Newsom are all topics today. Read More.
The Ward Report 8.26.2021
Today on the Ward Report, we talk about the Maricopa County Board of Stupidvisors being found to have broken the law, the Biden Afghanistan failure, and more information on Covid Natural Immunity. Read More.
The Ward Report 8.24.2021
The Ward Report is on fire today! Read More.
The Ward Report 8.17.2021
In today’s report, we talk about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) of COVID-19 as well as briefly review the 14 randomly controlled trials that look at mask (in)effectiveness. Read More.
The Ward Report 8.16.2021
We touch on “ADE” but spend the rest of The Ward Report talking about the failed Biden regime and his blundering in Afghanistan. Read More.
The Ward Report 8.9.2021
Mandates, Mandates, Mandates! They are coming folks. The military, employers, cities - all spreading authoritarian policies that are anti-American. Read More.
Ward Report 8.7.2021 Mohave County Picnic Edition
For this special Ward Report, we had the opportunity to interview the Governor and US Senate candidates that made the trip to the Mohave County Republican Picnic. Read More.
The Ward Report 8.5.2021
Hard hitting Ward Report today. Democrats are authoritarian liars that ignore laws and the Constitution - prove us wrong Read More.
The Ward Report 8.3.2021
America’s Audit update and the COVID authoritarian state. Read More.
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