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NY Democrat Rep. Bowman arrested in front of the Capitol in election reform protest
The protest occurred one day after Senate Democrats failed to reform the filibuster and pass the election reform package Read More.
Jen Psaki Tries To Walk Back Biden’s ‘Illegitimate’ 2022 Election Claims
Following Biden’s first press conference in months, White House press secretary Jen Psaki quickly moved to walk back the president’s confusing claims regarding the potential illegitimacy of upcoming elections. Read More.
Is This End of Roe v. Wade Era?
After a COVID-19 driven timeout last year, March for Life returns this year to Washington, D.C., for the 49th year, noting the anniversary of and support to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision of Jan. 22, 1973. This began the era of legal abortion in the USA. Read More.
Michigan Democrats Delete Post Seemingly Mocking Parents Who Want A Say In Public Education
The Michigan Democratic Party deleted a post that seemingly mocked parents for wanting a say in their child’s education and recommended private schools as a place for parental guidance, according to screenshots reviewed by the Daily Caller. Read More.
Reports: Fauci Has Investments In Chinese-Tied Fund
Republican senators find NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci has questionable investments in Chinese-tied companies. Read More.
Midwest Catholic hospital system says it will cease discrimination against WHITE patients when offering COVID monoclonal antibody treatment after conservative law firm threatened to sue
A Catholic hospital chain in the Midwest has axed a policy which gave white patients lower priority for potentially life-saving COVID treatment after a conservative law firm threatened legal action. Read More.
Dr Ward discusses Presidential debates
Kelli joins Natalie Harp to discuss President Debate Commission Read More.
Salt Lake City Tribune editorial calls for National Guard to keep unvaccinated people in their homes
The editorial board wrote the government should 'deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere' Read More.
Jim Jordan: ‘We Definitely Are’ Investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci If Republicans Win Back House In 2022
When asked by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo if he was going to “investigate Anthony Fauci should you take the control in the majority of the House,” Jordan responded, “Yes. Yes, we definitely are.” Read More.
9 Reasons Not to Pass Yet Another Federal COVID-19 ‘Relief’ Spending Package
Now almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and after $6.6 trillion in total federal spending on it—the equivalent of $51,600 per household—some policymakers want to pass yet another so-called COVID-19 relief package. Read More.
COVID vaccines funder Bill Gates not impressed with their performance, predicts 'yearly shots'
Pfizer CEO admits its vaccine has hit a brick wall with Omicron and that booster only provides "reasonable protection" against hospitalization and death. Read More.
The feds’ booster push shows public-health decisions aren’t data-driven
The push to boost every person in the United States has a scientific problem. New data show that vaccine booster efficacy against getting COVID can plummet to 35% with the Pfizer booster and 45% with the Moderna booster just 10 weeks after that third shot. Read More.
Ariz. Footage Shows Suspected Violations By Poll Workers
Arizona oversight group We the People Alliance released video footage showing electoral violations by poll workers. The group says the footage shows Arizona election officials pulling mail-in ballot envelopes from the trash and putting them into drawers. Read More.
WATCH: Media Blamed Trump, Absolve Biden for Soaring COVID Deaths
From 'blood on his hands' to 'circumstances beyond [his] control' Read More.
Biden's performance criticized, questions raised over decision to prioritize race for COVID drugs
People say doctors should focus on symptoms, not race when prioritizing COVID treatment distribution Read More.

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