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The Ward Report 8.3.2021
America’s Audit update and the COVID authoritarian state. Read More.
Special Edition Ward Report 7.31.2021
Watch the special presentation, dramatization of a phone call with the CDC and join us for discussion after as we talk about the mixed messages coming from the federal government about COVID-19, the vaccine, and natural immunity. Read More.
Kelli Addresses Turning Point Action
Kelli addresses the large crowd at Turning Point Action Election Integrity Rally featuring President Donald J Trump Saturday, July 24, 2021. Kelli is the Ass-Kicker in Chief, not the Ass-Kisser in Chief! Enjoy! Read More.
The Ward Report 7.29.2021
Today we talk about Queen Pelosi and the U.S. House of Representatives trying to enforce new mask mandates on the Representatives of We The People. We also talk about America’s Audit and how things are going, especially how the Maricopa Board of Supervisors continue to resist following the law. Join us in this great conversation. Subscribe to Rumble: KelliWardAz and share this video. Read More.
The Ward Report 7.27.2021
Today we talk about vaccine mandates and the healthcare and big Pharma cabal. We touch on recent legislation and talk about the approximate 4,500 drugs and devices that lose FDA approval every year. We also hit on the increasing cases of Covid-19 in “fully vaccinated” people. Read More.
The Ward Report 7.26.2021
Today we’re talking about a new study from Emory University regarding natural immunity, Senator Rand Paul & his latest exposé of Fauci, & the #ElectionIntegrity rally put on by Turning Point Action last weekend that starred President Donald Trump. Read More.
ANOTHER AZ AUDIT UPDATE! Dr. Kelli Ward With HUGE Announcement: ‘About A Week From Now The Paper Examination Should Be Done — June 26th’
On Friday, the Arizona Republican Party posted another great update by the Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman, Dr. Kelli Ward. Read More.
Kelli Ward – AZ AUDIT UPDATE: THIRTEEN STATES Have Visited The Audit – Who Will Be Next?
On Sunday, AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward Tweeted an outstanding Arizona audit update. Read More.
Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Update on Arizona Ballot Audit, and NINE States are Traveling to Arizona to Learn About Forensic Audit Process
In this update Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward gives shares the background information on exactly what the audit involves after her own tour of the Maricopa County ballot audit facility. Read More.
AZ GOP Chair Dr. Ward On The Progress Of Maricopa County Audit: “Latest Total Has Hit One Million Ballots Evaluated & Hand-Counted”
AZ GOP Chair Dr. Ward On The Progress Of Maricopa County Audit: “Latest Total Has Hit One Million Ballots Evaluated & Hand-Counted” Read More.
RPAZ Daily Update 6/21/2021
Katie Hobbs calls for end of Arizona Audit as part of her power grab. #ArizonaAudit #AmericasAudit #ElectionIntegrity @kelliwardaz Read More.
La Noticias 6/18/2021
Natalia Godoy comparte noticias sobre la auditoría de la elección del condado de Maricopa 2020. #ArizonaAudit #AmericasAudit #ElectionIntegrity Read More.
America's Audit Update 6/18/2021
Bernard Kerik visits audit site. Hand count completed except for Braille ballots. May be done in about one week. #ArizonaAudit #AmericasAudit #ElectionIntegrity Read More.
RPAZ Daily Update 6/17/2021
Arizona Audit is vital. US Supreme Court pending decision on Ballot Harvesting is important too. #ArizonaAudit #AmericasAudit #SCOTUS #BallotHarvesting #ElectionIntegrity If you like what we do: Read More.

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