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White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists
The country's largest school board association collaborated with the Biden White House before sending a controversial letter calling on the FBI to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists, according to previously unreported emails. Read More.
Arizonans Launch School Board Association As Alternative To Current Monopoly Wanting Parents Investigated For Possible ‘Domestic Terrorism’
On Tuesday, a group of Arizonans launched the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members (ACSBM) as an alternative to the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA): a 73-year-old monopoly held by the National School Boards Association (NSBA).  Read More.
Tom Cotton Demands Fauci Be ‘Investigated and Prosecuted’ for Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan Lab
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Wednesday demanded Dr. Anthony Fauci be “investigated and prosecuted” for funding gain-of-function research in Communist China’s Wuhan lab. Read More.
TikTok Threatens to Censor ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song For “Harassment and Bullying”
A popular new song containing the viral anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme faces potential removal by TikTok for “harassment and bullying.” Read More.
NYC Firefighters Defy Vaccine Mandate
New York City firefighters are taking a stand against Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-N.Y.). The Uniformed Firefighters Association revealed it would not be enforcing vaccine mandates on any of its members. Read More.
Calif. Parents Protest Child Vaccine Mandate Statewide
Thousands of parents showed up at the California capitol on Monday to protest Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s upcoming child vaccine mandate, which would affect all public and private schools in the state. Read More.
Thrive Time Radio Show with Dr. Kelli Ward
Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward shares why she has a hope for America's future and why TRUE election integrity is essential to sustain a healthy free republic. Read More.
Southwest Caves, Scraps Plan to Put Unvaccinated Workers on Unpaid Leave After Pilots Protest Covid Vax Mandate
Southwest has caved and will not place unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave after the December 8 deadline. Read More.
Supreme Court Backs Law Enforcement in Pair of Civil Rights Lawsuits
President Biden has lobbied unsuccessfully to end 'qualified immunity' Read More.
Leading physicist resigns in protest after speaker invite request denied over George Floyd riot comments
Princeton will welcome the canceled speaker to a virtual lecture that is anticipating thousands of attendees Read More.
Fauci flops with the public
Despite rave reviews from the professional commentariat, Disney’s latest documentary on Anthony Fauci, the patron saint of the pandemic, has proven an utter failure with the public. Read More.
YouTube Deletes Anti-Vax Pass Speech by Top Tory for ‘Contradicting Expert Consensus’
A speech by former Cabinet minister and Tory leadership contender David Davis MP against vaccine passports has been wiped from YouTube for “contradict[ing] expert consensus”. Read More.
Dr. Fauci: J&J Should Have Been A 2-Dose Vaccine To Begin With
Health officials say the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should have originally been two doses. Despite data showing the J&J vaccine wasn’t as effective as the others, like Moderna and Pfizer, White House Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci said recipients should “feel good about the booster recommendation.” Read More.
VoterGA To Appeal Ruling To Toss Ga. Election Fraud Lawsuit
Election integrity group, VoterGA, is set to appeal a court ruling to toss a lawsuit challenging suspected fraud in Georgia’s Fulton County. Read More.
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