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Rep. Andy Biggs Argues That Mayorkas Broke Law, Should Be Impeached
“Do you believe that what he's doing is intentional, willful, or ... he's just an incompetent buffoon?” Rep. Andy Biggs asks. Read More.
Trump says the DOJ has indicted him in 'DARK DAY' for the country
Trump's reference to the "boxes hoax" appears to refer the FBI's seizure of materials from his Mar-a-Lago estate in August of last year. Read More.
Biden's DOJ Tried to Bribe Attorney for Trump's Valet in Exchange for Testimony Against Trump - Clearly Illegal Act That Threatens Jack Smith's Case Against Trump
On Thursday The Guardian reported that Joe Biden’s DOJ attempted to bribe the attorney for Trump valet driver in exchange for testimony against Donald Trump. Read More.
Russiagate Redux: Grassley Calls Out FBI For Leaking Lies
Because the Russia hoax was evil and false, the FBI, Democrats, and the media will have a much harder time effectively running the op again. Read More.
RFK Jr. visits southern border in Arizona, calls migrant crisis ‘unsustainable'
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visited the southern border in Yuma, Arizona this week, and talked about how the crisis is "unsustainable" amid horrific conditions for migrants. Read More.
In Flagstaff Bud Light is co-sponsoring an 'all-ages' drag show party: 'Safe space' 'family festival event'
Bud Light is sponsoring a Pride party for "all-ages" despite falling sales and anger against the brand for its partnership with influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Read More.
RNC Announces Plan to Beat Democrats at Their Own Game
 The Republican National Committee says it remains committed to fighting against new laws to expand mass pre-election voting but, in some states, ballot harvesting is already the law — and Democrats are using it to run up voting leads in too many critical elections. Read More.
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill Banning Teachers From Shooting Pornographic Content In Classrooms
Democrat Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed Senate Bill 1696, which prohibited teachers from using school spaces to "film or facilitate" sexual activities. Read More.
Democratic Senate hopeful Ruben Gallego claims primary residence in Arizona — and D.C.
As part of a VA loan application, the Arizona congressmen pledged the D.C. home was his ‘principal’ residence. Read More.
Arizona not banning electronic voting machines for 2024 election
Arizona SCR 1037 desires to block counties from using electronic voting systems made outside the U.S. in upcoming federal elections, but it’s not a state law. Read More.
Corrupt Former FBI head James Comey Worries a Trump Presidency Would Lead To Accountability
“Our Constitution really does give a rogue president tremendous power to destroy.” Read More.
Watch: AZ Democrats Use Drag Queen to Rally 2024 Voters
Democrats joined with a drag queen at a public "Pride Party" to rally far-left progressive voters for Arizona's upcoming elections.  Read More.
Stitt joins other governors in sending troops to the southern border
Gov. Kevin Stitt will send Oklahoma National Guard troops to the southern border, joining other Republican governors who have made similar commitments. Read More.
Maricopa County Supervisor will not run for reelection in 2024
After serving on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors since 2016, Bill Gates announced on June 1 he would not run for reelection in 2024. Read More.
Arizona officials offer heated responses about school choice cost projection
Arizona's universal school choice program is estimated to see significant growth over the next fiscal year to 100,000 students with a price tag of $900 million. Read More.
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