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The Ward Report 2.2.22
*** Breaking News*** In today’s Report, we discuss the attempt to force T-Mobile to release Kelli’s phone records. The J6 unSelect Committee is unconstitutional in its formation and actions. Read More.
The Ward Report 2.1.2022
In today’s Report we talk about the latest information out of Japan and the study of the antiviral effective ivermectin. We also touch on the RNC resolution to kick Cheney and Kinzinger out of the Republican caucus. Corporate pharmacies are not prioritizing filling prescriptions but rather shots and swabs. And finally, the fourth amendment is under attack. Read More.
The Ward Report 1.31.2022
We had lots to talk about today with so many things happening in our country and in Canada with regards to freedom, liberty, foreign wars, corrupt BLM activist and corrupt politicians such as Diane Feinstein. Oh, and apparently Justin Trudeau tested positive for coward! Read More.
The Ward Report 1.26.2022
Today we bring you info about what’s happening (or not happening) with monoclonal antibodies, China’s influence on the Bidens, social media censorship, SCOTUS changes, and #ElectionIntegrity bills making their way through the AZ Legislature. Read More.
The Ward Report 1.21.22
In today’s Report, we take you flying in a hot air balloon as we discuss the hot air from the CDC. Read More.
The Ward Report 1.18.22
In today’s report, we discuss the recent Donald J Trump, Save America rally in Florence Arizona, Corrupt Fauci, dumb Democrats, and Crazy leftists in Utah. Read More.
The Ward Report 1.5.2022
Save America Rally in Arizona! Read More.
The Ward Report 1.3.2022
In today’s Report, we talk about further conservative purging from social media platforms. In addition to disgraceful purging and silencing of well respected scientific voices such as Dr. Malone. Read More.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Blessings Read More.
The Ward Report 12.24.2021
Merry Christmas from Michael and Kelli Ward Read More.
The Ward Report 12.13.2021
Pima County, Arizona becomes the next target for election integrity! Read More.
The Ward Report 12.01.21
Court Cases galore in today’s Ward Report, we cover killing baby hearing with SCOTUS, CMS, and Fed Contractor cases among other topics! Read More.
The Ward Report 11.19.2021
The verdict is in! Congratulations Kyle! Read More.
The Ward Report Inspired 11.12.2021
Kelli brings you her first book, Inspired By What’s Right! Read More.
The Ward Report 11.6.21
Here at The Ward Report, we are turning our anger into action. We hope you are, too. Read More.

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