Today we discuss three big things: 
    1.    Texas anti-abortion law
    2.    Labor report on Labor Day weekend
    3.    California recall of Gavin Newsom

Texas made history this week by basically making abortion illegal after six weeks gestation. The US Supreme Court refused to take up the injunction that the left tried to get in order to put an immediate halt to this law SO, at this time, the heartbeat law is in effect. It is likely that this law will be challenged again and again by the leftists who aren’t t happy unless they can kill babies and so it will wind its way through the court process and end up back in front of the US Supreme Court at sometime in the future. We should let our legislators and the Governor here in Arizona know that we want a special session to introduce the same bill here in Arizona. 

The jobs report in #BidensAmerika fell far short of expectations. Economists were looking for 720,000 jobs; however, only 235,000 new positions were added. 

We spent a couple of days in the central coast area of California this week and we did some “man in the street” investigation into what people there think about the #NewsomRecall. Pretty interesting stuff!
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