In today’s report we talk everything audit. And we mean America’s audit. This Friday the initial Arizona audit report comes out in front of the Arizona Senate during a hearing at the State Capitol.

We touched on the hand count and how important it is to see what the actual numbers are. The hand count is independent of what they find out from the machines, the machines are going to tell us, maybe what happened, but the hand count is the vote count and the vote totals will show us what really happened in the election in Maricopa county in 2020.

Supervisor Steve Chucri got caught badmouthing his peers and is resigning as of November 5 - we talk a little bit of Chucri, his weak points and have trouble finding some strong points.

And finally, we talk about next steps - what happens next after Friday. Where are we headed and what’s going to happen about the audit. We’re gonna be right there with your folks all along so watch this Report and let us know what you think.
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