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It's Time to Fix Our Eyes on the Post-Coronavirus Economic Revival | Opinion
In January, as career politicians in Washington, D.C. and their media allies smothered the American public in a sham impeachment, President Trump was working to establish a coronavirus task force with little to no fanfare. Primarily composed of healthcare professionals, that task force has led the way in the battle to "flatten the curve", advise the public, and gain private sector cooperation to produce more personal protective equipment for front-line healthcare workers. Read More.
Arizonans Want Four More Years of President Trump
This week, thousands of Arizonans gathered to show their support for President Trump as he made two stops in the cities of Prescott and Tucson. From securing the border and prioritizing safe communities, fighting for fairer trade deals, and providing massive tax cuts for Arizona families, President Trump has delivered real and lasting results for the Grand Canyon State. Read More.
The Rule Of Law Still Stands No Matter How Violent The Left Becomes
But when some bad apples turned the protests into something else, something violent, and the response was to let them run their course, a signal was sent—that the rule of law no longer applies to these radicals. Read More.
A Tale of Two Parties
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the famous opening line from Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities. It is an apt description of the contrast we saw between Republicans and Democrats this week. Read More.
Opinion: The Senate Did Their Job
With the statement that Senator Murkowski would not vote for witnesses at the impeachment trial, coming on the heels of Senator Lamar Alexander’s announcement, the end of the impeachment circus was just a matter of time. Read More.
Opinion: Impeachment vote shows Kyrsten Sinema isn't so independent, after all
n 2018, then-U.S. Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema was portrayed by the media and her campaign as an “independent voice” for Arizona. Through carefully cultivated TV ads, superficial mailers, and occasionally in her own words, Sinema intended to make crystal clear to voters that the term “Democrat” barely existed in her vernacular. The question is, was this version of Sinema reality or make-believe? Read More.
Actual impact of US-China trade war limits benefits of Phase 1 deal
A year and half into the trade war and as the conclusion of a Phase One agreement is apparently nearing, we put the tariffs in context and analyze their impact. Read More.
Opinion: How about the truth? Education funding is at an all-time high under GOP leadership
There has been a false narrative for a long time that Republicans in Arizona don’t fund education. In fact, it can be said that under conservative leadership, we are spending a record-high number of dollars on K-12 funding and doing it in a fiscally responsible way. Read More.
Trump administration marks 100 miles of border wall, vows 'many more' to come
The Trump administration on Friday marked the 100th mile of wall construction along the southern border -- describing it as a “milestone achievement” and promising that there are many more miles to come by the end of the year. Read More.
Opinion: The Most Consequential Election in Taiwan’s History
Tomorrow, Taiwanese people living all over the world will make the trek back to their hometown to vote in the Presidential elections. The upcoming election holds many possibilities in regards to the future of Taiwan’s independence. Read More.
Trump: We Took Action To Stop A War, Not To Start A War
In his first public comments since he ordered the drone attack that killed Iranian military leader and deadly terrorist Qassem Suleimani, President Donald Trump said the general was planning imminent attacks on American diplomats and military personnel. Read More.
Quds Force Leader Qasem Soleimani’s Death Marks Huge Blow to Iranian Regime
The U.S. military, at the direction of President Donald Trump, killed Iran’s most significant military figure, Qasem Soleimani, in airstrikes in Baghdad early Friday morning in a huge blow to the Islamic Republic. Read More.
Inside the Plot by Iran’s Soleimani to Attack US Forces in Iraq: Reuters
In mid-October, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani met with his Iraqi Shi’ite militia allies at a villa on the banks of the Tigris River, looking across at the U.S. embassy complex in Baghdad. Read More.
Democrats want to overturn your vote with impeachment. Don't stand for it
In their reckless pursuit of impeachment, Democrats became the very danger to the Republic that they thought they saw in President Trump. Read More.
Mitch McConnell Pushes 11 Federal Judge Nominees amid Democrat Impeachment Circus
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continued to deliver on President Trump’s agenda and pushed nearly a dozen federal judge nominees as House Democrats pursued impeachment. Read More.
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