Kari Lake Campaign Declares Sen. Sinema Has 'No Path to Victory' as Schumer-Sinema Border Bill Unveiled

The U.S. Senate campaign for Kari Lake told The Arizona Sun Times that Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) “has no path to victory” just before the former Democrat unveiled her Senate bill to address the border crisis with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Sinema (pictured above, right), who has still not declared whether she will seek reelection this November, unveiled a $118 billion border bill alongside Senators Schumer, James Lankford (R-OK), and Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Responding to the bill on social media, Lake wrote called it “disastrous” and suggested “Sinema should run for Senate in Ukraine” as her bill purportedly sends $60 billion to Ukraine while spending “$0 for a Border Wall.”

“Each year the Schumer-Sinema Border Bill legalizes nearly 2 million invaders who have breached our border during the Bidenvasion,” wrote Lake, adding that the bill is dead on arrival.

She concluded, “We the people will not sit idly by as crooked politicians make permanent these dangerous/deadly open borders.”

Before Sinema’s bill was released, Lake’s campaign told The Sun Times that Sinema “has no path to victory.”

“Sinema has no path to victory. Her constituency is not Arizonans, but Wall Street elites and Davos bankers,” said campaign spokesman Ross Trumble. He added that Sinema “is a Biden enabler” and “Kari Lake will defeat her” should Sinema make a last minute bid for reelection.

Lake’s team originally told The Sun Times that Sinema is destined electoral defeat after she was revealed to have used around $210,000 of her U.S. Senate office budget to pay for private flights, according to a report by far-left outlet, The Daily Beast.

The news that Sinema spent taxpayer funds on flights comes after she was previously accused in an official complaint of using campaign resources to live a lavish lifestyle, including $180,000 on hotel stays at at least 17 luxury resorts, as well as expenses for trips to wineries, high-end restaurants, and travel.

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