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Ronna McDaniel: ‘Mark Kelly Votes Like a California Liberal’
Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted Senator Mark Kelly, saying that he votes just like a California liberal while presenting himself as an Arizona moderate. Read More.
The economy appears headed for a hard recession landing
Democrats are euphoric. Talking to themselves in their closed loop, they believe they will continue to control the Senate after the November midterm elections. Read More.
Guru Behind Arizona Democrat’s Campaign For State’s Top Law Enforcer Hates Police
A campaign associate for Democrat Kris Mayes, who is running to be Arizona’s top law enforcer, hates the police. Read More.
Judge's order exposes FBI sloppiness, excessive evidence collection at Trump home
Court also acknowledges Joe Biden helped initiate criminal probe of his chief Republican rival, alarming many. Read More.
FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden
Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent alleged to have interfered with an investigation into Hunter Biden, Read More.
Kari Lake Obliterates Left-Wing Election Rhetoric: It’s Not ‘Divisive’ To Ask Questions
Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake wants Democrats and the corrupt corporate media, Read More.
Blake Masters: Mark Kelly Voted for the ‘Most Extreme Abortion Laws’
Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters charged that Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has voted for “the most extreme abortion laws” in the country. Read More.
House Republicans ask FBI, DOJ leaders to testify on Trump Mar-a-Lago raid
McCarthy says DOJ 'proceeding in a manner that is eroding public trust and confidence' regarding Mar-a-Lago raid Read More.
Pandemic-era school shutdowns caused decades of student learning loss, federal report shows
(The Center Square) – A new federal report shows that the nationwide shutdown of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic led to historic learning losses for students. Read More.
Border agent union chief accuses White House of lying, putting 'politics ahead of life'
"They will drop babies on trails, hoping to distract Border Patrol agents," said Judd Read More.
Democrat Candidates In Key Battleground States Are Ducking Debates With Their GOP Opponents
The Fetterman campaign in Pennsylvania declined a September debate, while Katie Hobbs and Mark Kelly in Arizona are questioning debate format rules. Read More.
Poll: Half Give Biden a ‘Poor’ Rating on Handling Illegal immigration, Consider It an ‘Important’ Midterm Issue
Voters do not have a high opinion of President Joe Biden’s handling of illegal immigration, as half alone say he has done a “poor” job, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found. Read More.
DOJ opposes special master in Trump case, alleges classified materials were concealed
New DOJ filing includes photo of alleged classified materials recovered from Trump's office during the raid earlier this month. Read More.
Kamala Harris refuses to answer question when reporter confronts her over who pays for student loan debt forgiveness
Vice President Kamala Harris refused to address a question about President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan on Monday. Read More.
Senator Mark Kelly Has Concerning Business Ties to China
Senator Mark Kelly from Arizona, who is up for reelection in November, has a number of concerning business ties to China. Read More.

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