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Flow of Fentanyl into American Communities Quadruples Under Biden
RIVERSIDE COUNTY, California — Four times as much fentanyl is flowing across the United States-Mexico border under President Joe Biden compared to two years prior when former President Trump was in office. Read More.
Mail-In Ballots Are Turning Voters Into Victims. Here's the Fix
In January, California police announced the results of a months-long investigation into the alarming discovery in 2021 of a man passed out in his car with drugs, a gun, and 300 mail ballots. Police concluded that Eduardo Mena was trying to steal people’s identities, not their ballots.  Read More.
The verdict is in: The Trump slandering is a pack of lies
In case you need more proof that the conspiracy theory about Donald Trump that obsessed the press and congressional Democrats for four years was made up by Hillary Clinton and her campaign, here comes another piece of evidence: John Durham reveals that the “A secret Trump server is communicating with a Russian bank” claim is bunk. Read More.
Report: 23 Migrants From Terror List Stopped At Southern Border in 2021
U.S. Border Patrol apprehended at least 23 individuals included on the nation’s terror watchlist last year, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) information. Read More.
Biden Admin and ACLU Gear Up To Defend Trans Hormone Treatment for Children
The Biden administration and liberal legal groups are gearing up to battle red state laws that prohibit children from receiving transgender hormone treatment. Read More.
BREAKING: RNC Unanimously Votes to Withdraw From the Commission on Presidential Debates – 20 Years Too Late
The Republican National Committee unanimously voted to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates on Thursday. Read More.
Elon Musk Offers to Buy 100 Percent of Twitter, Restore Free Speech
Elon Musk has made a public offer to buy 100 percent of Twitter stock and transform it into a public company, in what the billionaire SpaceX and Tesla CEO says will unlock the company’s potential to be “the platform for free speech around the globe.” Read More.
First Texas bus drops off illegals blocks from US Capitol in Washington, DC
The buses are part of Gov. Greg Abbott's plan to counter the Biden administration's approach to illegal immigration Read More.
Boris Johnson to be fined by police over lockdown violations, parties on U.K. government property
The British prime minister, his wife, and his finance minister will all be fined, announced the London Metro Police. Read More.
In reversal, Elon Musk will not join Twitter's board
Musk informed Twitter of his decision on April 9, the day his board membership was scheduled to take formal effect. Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: DEMOCRATS IMPLICATED — Georgia Ballot Traffickers Were Using Democrat Officials’ Offices as Stopping Points During Ballot Drop Runs
In late January film producer Dinesh D’Souza released the trailer for his upcoming movie “2000 Mules.” Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden’s Mass-Migration Plan Offers ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’
The Department of Homeland Security is disseminating a mass migration plan devoid of removal mechanisms to replace the soon-to-end CDC Title 42 emergency order. The plan predicts that DHS traditional processing capabilities will be overwhelmed and require an increase in the use of “broadscale release mechanisms.” Read More.
Key GOP senator blasts Biden family as 'grifters,' 'influence peddlers’ who jeopardize security
"They were using Vice President Biden's position and his name to peddle influence, and rake in, vacuum in millions of dollars from all over the world," said the Wisconsin Republican senator. Read More.
GOP Senate campaign push focuses on Latinos with "Vamos" initiative as Title 42 impacts midterms
Republicans are betting Latino voters will play a key role in their efforts to retake the Senate in November, and to that end, their Senate campaign arm announced a new multi-million-dollar outreach plan encompassing border policy, the economy and education. Read More.
Bossie releases 'Zuckerbucks' film, as over 40k shown to have bypassed Wisc. voter ID rules in 2020
A total of 40,856 voters registered as "indefinitely confined" for the 2020 election in Wisconsin and did not provide photo ID. Ahead of Tuesday's local elections in the state, that number was 32,857. Read More.

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