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Trump Campaign Raises $10 Million In Just One Week Amid Impeachment Probe
The Trump campaign managed to raise $10 million in just one week as House Democrats advanced their impeachment inquiry, according to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.
Schumer panned Clinton impeachment testimony as ‘theater,’ now seeks 4 witnesses in Trump trial
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer has called for several current and former Trump administration officials to be subpoenaed to testify in the chamber's likely impeachment trial for President Trump.
What's in US-China Phase One Deal and What's Still Missing
The U.S. and China announced Friday that they reached a phase-one trade deal but provided little detail on what exactly will be part of the agreement. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer brought a print-out of the 86-page agreement to a briefing with reporters Friday afternoon as a “show-and-tell” to prove that it’s all done and written up.
Poll: Slightly More Americans Oppose Impeaching Trump than Support It: ‘It’s like the Hearings … Never Happened’
An NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Poll shows that a slight majority of American adults are against impeaching President Donald Trump, with 48 percent opposing and 47 percent in favor.
Mitch McConnell Likely to Acquit Trump, Not Dismiss Impeachment Charges
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to acquit President Donald Trump in the Senate if he’s impeached in the House, not just dismiss the charges against him, two senators told CNN on Wednesday.
Dems plow ahead with impeachment articles, in heated all-day session
The House Judiciary Committee became the scene of a fresh partisan clash Thursday as lawmakers pressed ahead with two articles of impeachment against President Trump, with majority Democrats turning back a last-ditch bid by Republicans to scrap one of them.
Nancy Pelosi Breezes Over Impeachment Inquiry During Weekly Press Conference
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi barely mentioned the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump during her weekly press conference Thursday; instead, she focused on legislation she hopes to pass through the House.
FISA report drop could scramble Trump impeachment effort
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz plans to drop his long-awaited report on FBI surveillance during the 2016 campaign just as House Democrats are moving toward likely articles of impeachment. For allies of President Trump, the timing could be perfect.
Schiff Plans To Send Impeachment Report To House Judiciary After Thanksgiving
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Monday that he expects to send a report laying out evidence to support impeaching President Donald Trump to the House Judiciary Committee soon after Thanksgiving.
MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln
Money laundering, international corruption, and the political swamp.

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