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Arizona election audit team to submit draft report to Senate next week
The team behind the 2020 presidential election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona , plans to submit its full draft report to the state Senate next week, according to a spokesperson for the project. Read More.
CBO: U.S. government ran a $173 billion deficit in August, $2.7 trillion so far this year
The leader of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says "policymakers can’t keep heading down an unsustainable path" Read More.
Female student in Afghanistan on Taliban control: 'They are trying to imprison us once again'
Women across Afghanistan are terrified as global terrorists take senior roles in the Taliban government Read More.
Unvaccinated Rutgers Student Claims He’s Barred from Remote Courses
A remotely based student claimed Tuesday he is barred from taking online classes at Rutgers University because he has not been vaccinated. Read More.
‘A Big, Big Miss’: August Jobs Report Records Slowest Growth Since Biden Took Office
The U.S. economy floundered last month as job growth fell sharply and missed economists’ expectations by nearly half-a-million new jobs. Read More.
Teacher Who Boasted About Turning His Students Into Revolutionaries Set to Be Fired
The California high school teacher caught on camera boasting about having “180 days to turn them [his students] into revolutionaries” will be fired by the school district, the Natomas Unified School District said in a letter Wednesday. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
Supreme Court Won’t Block Texas Abortion Law
Critics say the 'heartbeat law' will end abortion in the state Read More.
Afghanistan to Arizona? Not So Fast
Dr Kelli Ward joins Newsmax to discuss Governor Ducey agreement to bring in thousands of Afghanistan refugees without the consent of the people of Arizona! Read More.
Kelli Speaks at Great American Patriots
Kelli addresses the Great American Patriots Rally in Lake Havasu City. Read More.
Kelli Gets Presidential Praise
Great Shout Out by President Trump for Kelli Ward Read More.
Kelli Addresses Turning Point Action
Kelli addresses the large crowd at Turning Point Action Election Integrity Rally featuring President Donald J Trump Saturday, July 24, 2021. Kelli is the Ass-Kicker in Chief, not the Ass-Kisser in Chief! Enjoy! Read More.
ANOTHER AZ AUDIT UPDATE! Dr. Kelli Ward With HUGE Announcement: ‘About A Week From Now The Paper Examination Should Be Done — June 26th’
On Friday, the Arizona Republican Party posted another great update by the Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman, Dr. Kelli Ward. Read More.
Kelli Ward – AZ AUDIT UPDATE: THIRTEEN STATES Have Visited The Audit – Who Will Be Next?
On Sunday, AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward Tweeted an outstanding Arizona audit update. Read More.
Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Update on Arizona Ballot Audit, and NINE States are Traveling to Arizona to Learn About Forensic Audit Process
In this update Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward gives shares the background information on exactly what the audit involves after her own tour of the Maricopa County ballot audit facility. Read More.
AZ GOP Chair Dr. Ward On The Progress Of Maricopa County Audit: “Latest Total Has Hit One Million Ballots Evaluated & Hand-Counted”
AZ GOP Chair Dr. Ward On The Progress Of Maricopa County Audit: “Latest Total Has Hit One Million Ballots Evaluated & Hand-Counted” Read More.
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