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Conservative Groups Push Health Plan They Say GOP Needs
"Let me tell you exactly what my message is,” President Trump once said to reporters as his administration remained embroiled in a legal battle over the Affordable Care Act. “The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care. You watch." Read More.
Document: Adam Schiff Staffer Met with Impeachment Witness on Ukraine Trip
Itinerary for a trip to Ukraine in August organized by the Atlantic Council think tank reveals that a staffer on Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a meeting during the trip with acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, now a key witness for Democrats pursuing impeachment. Read More.
Republicans Speak Out on Why They Want to Censure Adam Schiff
Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) officially announced his motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for a "whole host of misconduct" related to the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday. Read More.
Moody’s Election Models Predict Trump Will Crush Democrat in 2020
Donald Trump may be on the path to a landslide re-election win in 2020. Read More.
Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal
The 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a "professional" tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials. Read More.
Impeachment Is Nothing But Throwing More Dirt And Hoping Some Will Stick
Democrats have tossed every piece of dirt and dung at the president hoping that something would stick. Well, nothing has. Read More.
Elizabeth Warren using claims of 'victimhood' to get ahead in the polls, Katie Pavlich says
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is using her claims of "victimhood" to get ahead in the polls, Editor and Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich claimed on Tuesday. Read More.
UKRAINE SCANDAL EXPLAINED: Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & more
Glenn explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the Ukraine scandal. And it goes MUCH further than Hunter and Joe Biden, and their involvement there. This timeline gives you all the facts and proof you need to show that there was DNC collusion, not collusion with President Trump, during the 2016 election. Democrats worked with Ukrainian officials to investigate "dirt" on Trump, and Glenn shows you EVERYTHING -- including how even George Soros is involved -- in a way that's easy to understand. Read More.
Trump raised $15 million in California in one day. That should worry Democrats.
When President Trump touched down in California Tuesday, local Democrats seemed to greet his arrival largely as a platform for protest, with at least a hundred demonstrators lining the road near his first event as enormous Baby Trump and Trump Chicken balloons hovered overhead. Read More.
Democratic senator faces censure for confirming Trump officials
Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is facing possible censure from the liberal caucus of her own state's Democratic Party for "failing to support the tenets of the 2016 Democratic Party Platform." Read More.
Trump and Bolton offer conflicting accounts on his White House exit
The president says he asked for Bolton to leave. Bolton says he offered to resigned on his own. Read More.
More Republican women than ever are planning to run for office
A record number of women hold seats in Congress, but they are mostly Democrats. Now, new contenders are hoping to shift the imbalance in D.C. and beyond. Read More.
Dem campaigns get desperate with debate shutout looming
Staffers for several candidates are starting to discuss collective action they can take against the DNC’s debate rules. Read More.
Family of couple who died protecting their infant child in El Paso gets death threats over Trump photo
In the days that followed, The President and Melania Trump visited victims in both Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, where the two attacks occurred. In the hospital in Texas, Trump posed for photos with several people, including the family of that couple, and the infant whose life they protected. Read More.
Multiple cartel members arrested around the Valley after months long operation
A federal and local drug task force has arrested three members of the Sinaloa Cartel living in the Valley. During the six month investigation, the agents took more than $200,000 worth of drugs from the operation and intercepted more than $75,000 in cash. Read More.

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