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US identifies first case of omicron COVID-19 variant
The U.S. has identified the first case of the omicron COVID-19 variant in California, a U.S. official told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Read More.
Identity of Oxford Shooter Remains Hidden as Videos Begin to Surface Online
Michigan was swept with tragedy earlier as news began to emerge quickly about a school shooting at Oxford High School that left 3 dead and 8 others wounded. Read More.
FBI document reveals how much info agency can access on communication apps like WhatsApp, report
WhatsApp and iMessage in particular provide the FBI with more data than other platforms Read More.
L.A. Enforces Indoor Vaccine Mandate
Los Angeles, a city known for its beaches, film industry and draconian COVID vaccine measures. The City of Angels began enforcing its SafePass L.A. ordinance on Monday. The measure is one of the strictest in the nation, forbidding patrons from entering indoor facilities without providing proof of vaccination. Read More.
Omicron variant is 'cause for concern, not a cause for panic,' Biden says
Biden says his plan to fight COVID-19 this winter will not involve shutdowns or lockdowns. Read More.
Hospital Struggles To Treat 18 Waukesha Parade Victims Because Of Vaccine Mandate
A high-ranking official said the hospital currently has hundreds of open positions and attributes much of the staffing shortage to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Read More.
South Africa claims found new COVID variant, mainstream media already calls new strain ‘worst ever’ despite lack of data
An alleged new variant of COVID-19 is found in South Africa amid media claims of rising cases ahead of the Christmas holiday season. Read More.
EU, UK, Israel to halt air travel to southern Africa over new COVID-19 variant
World Health Organization warns leaders against 'knee-jerk responses' Read More.
2024 blowout brewing: Trump 45%-Biden 32%
In what would be one of the biggest political comebacks in American history, former President Donald Trump has surged into a double-digit lead over President Joe Biden in the latest 2024 matchup poll. Read More.
Trump gives Kerik privilege waiver, wants Jan. 6 panel to see election irregularities evidence
"It is exactly what the Unselect Committee should be interested in — if this was a real investigation," 45th president declares Read More.
Biden administration asks appeals court to reinstate OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Several lawsuits were brought challenging OSHA mandate, and last week cases were consolidated in 6th Circuit. Read More.
Despite Many Months of Vaccines, More COVID-19 Deaths Occur in 2021 Than Last Year
The U.S. has officially tallied more deaths from the China virus in 2021 than in 2020, even as the vaccines are widely distributed throughout the country. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
The American Freedom Tour
Kelli talks about her inspiration to defend Faith, Freedom and Family Read More.
Biden Admin. Doubles Down On Vaccine Mandate
The Biden administration refuses to back down on their vaccine mandate despite a recent court order restricting the rule. During a briefing on Thursday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if Biden will still require employees at large companies to get the COVID jab. Read More.
Science journal report suggests first COVID-19 case was Wuhan wet market, as originally suspected
A leading U.S. scientist has examined the timelines of the illness and concluded that the first known case was at the infamous market Read More.

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