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LIE OF THE YEAR: ‘I Will Shut Down The Virus’
Biden's COVID-19 death count passes 400K Read More.
Five governorships most likely to change party control in 2022
The balance of power could flip in Washington after next year’s midterm elections if Republicans win a House and/or Senate majority. Read More.
Atheist activists want Bible verse scrubbed from sheriff's office wall — but sheriff refuses to back down
If the Freedom from Religion Foundation thinks it can pressure Sheriff Jody Greene into scrubbing a beloved Bible verse from his office wall, Greene is telling the atheist activist group that it has sorely underestimated his resolve. Read More.
Jabs 4 Jesus? Refusing Vaccination Goes Against Christianity, Says Archbishop
The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine goes against the Christian faith, claiming that turning down the jab violates the principle of “loving thy neighbour”. Read More.
White House extends federal student loan repayment pause after heavy progressive criticism
Progressives like Rep. Ayanna Pressley warned that millions of families could be hurt financially Read More.
Customs and Border Patrol Nets the Largest Methamphetamine Bust in History at Arizona Border
Customs and Border Patrol apprehended what the agency is saying is the largest bust of crystal meth in the agency’s history, seizing 3,280 pounds of meth at a port of entry near Nogales, Arizona. Read More.
President Trump doubles down on his skepticism of crypto-currencies saying he prefers a strong U.S. dollar
During an interview on Monday, the 45th president said he was never fully convinced that crypto-currencies are a positive development in international finance. Trump said the U.S. dollar must remain the most important currency in the world. Read More.
Anthony Fauci Urges Americans to Boycott Social Gatherings With Unvaccinated Neighbors and Family
Dr. Anthony Fauci urged vaccinated Americans to eschew meeting with family and friends with unclear vaccination status, speaking on ABC’s This Week Sunday show. Read More.
Biden commits multiple gaffes in commencement speech, calls VP 'President Harris'
Biden calls VP 'President Harris,' refers to 'George Family Justice Act, Policing Act' Read More.
Johns Hopkins Surgeon: Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Changing, Big Pharma ‘May Be Calling The Shots’
A medical expert that spoke to The Daily Wire believes the Biden administration will eventually change the definition of “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 to include a booster shot as it continues to push vaccines on the public. Read More.
Police Arrest Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters At New York City Applebee’s ‘Sit-In’
Police in Queens, New York, arrested four individuals who were participating in an anti-vaccine mandate sit-in at an Applebee’s Wednesday night. Read More.
Wharton Study: Bidenflation Will Cost Families $3,500 This Year, Low-Incomes Hardest Hit
Bidenflation will cost families an additional $3,500 this year, impacting low-income families the hardest, a study released Wednesday showed. Read More.
FDA tightens warning of heart issues after J&J COVID vaccine
The FDA is strengthening its warning of possible severe adverse effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. On Wednesday, the federal health agency said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine must not be administered to people with past histories of blood clots and thrombosis. Read More.
As trial of Harvard prof opens, Biden faces pressure to end Trump program to catch Chinese spies
Campaign to kill Justice Department’s "China Initiative" intensifies despite Beijing’s continuing espionage activities. Read More.
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