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Arizonan Says Kelli Ward is Being Vilified for Speaking the Truth
It is becoming clear that the Washington establishment is afraid of Kelli Ward as she makes her second run for Senate, this time to unseat Jeff Flake to represent the state of Arizona. Read More.
Rand Paul introduces “Obamacare Repeal” act
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced the “Obamacare Repeal” Act Tuesday night after saying that “conservatives are getting squat” from his Senate colleagues when it comes to health care reform, according to his Twitter account. Read More.
Broomhead Interview: Dr. Kelli Ward in Studio
Listen to Dr. Kelli Ward's interview on the Mike Broomhead show Read More.
ICE chief lists worst sanctuary cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Philadelphia
In a broadside on sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegal immigrants, the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement called them "un-American" and cited the worst: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Read More.
Ward fires back at Manchin: “Self-righteous phonies are what’s wrong with politics today.”
“Voters are sick of self-righteous phonies like Joe Manchin who are perfectly happy with the Arizona Senate seat being essentially vacant, so Republicans are crippled with just 51 votes,” said Ward. Read More.
My Prayers to John McCain
A message from Dr. Kelli Ward to John McCain and the citizens of Arizona. Read More.
Polling Shows Ward Surging Against Flake
A new survey commissioned by the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign shows the conservative GOP challenger surging against Senator Jeff Flake. Read More.
Senate "Republicans" refuse to honor their campaign promise to repeal #Obamacare - will we continue to elect people who fail us again and again?
The professional political class in DC has exposed itself as being exactly what ideologically and policy-minded donors & activists have known all along. Read More.
Man accused of killing fellow inmate released from Denver jail despite ICE detainer
Prosecutors in Denver have declined to file homicide charges against a teenage jail inmate who allegedly beat another inmate to death on Monday. Read More.
Flake challenger Kelli Ward meets with Trump's White House
Jeff Flake needs to start doing his job and stop lying to the Arizona voters about his position on Obamacare. Read More.
Jeff Flake, up for reelection in 2018, will upset Arizona voters no matter how he votes on healthcare
With legislation in the Senate in serious jeopardy the dilemma facing Flake is acute. Read More.
Big List of 86 Horrific Illegal-Alien Crimes
Latest nightmarish case leaves father of 3 killed in fiery crash Read More.
Illegal immigrant who sneaked into US 7 times was drunk during deadly crash, prosecutor says
An illegal immigrant who sneaked into the United States from Mexico seven times was driving drunk and speeding down a Nebraska highway when he crashed his van last week, killing a passenger sitting in the back of the vehicle, prosecutors said. Read More.
Ward to Flake: Drop Out and Let Me Beat the Dems
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward called on her incumbent opponent, Senator Jeff Flake, to drop out of the race after a Morning Consult poll showed him to be the most unpopular Senator running for reelection this year, and urged the GOP to unite behind her candidacy. Read More.
Two Republican senators declare bid to repeal health care law 'dead'
Full repeal is what we were promised, full repeal is what we expect. Read More.

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