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A Message from Kelli

As a doctor, former state senator and conservative activist, I share your frustration with our federal government, which has become ineffective and, in many cases, downright corrupt. I'm proud to have fought side by side with limited government advocates across the country to battle the Democrats' progressive big government agenda. The solution to big government is not more government – and I will continue to argue that point to anyone who incorrectly tells me otherwise.

I know that I can do more to advance the ideas of freedom and liberty so eloquently described in our founding documents, which is why I've decided to run for the U.S. Senate.  

In 2016, I challenged Sen. John McCain because I knew that he would be a problem for President Trump's agenda. We learned a lot of lessons from the 2016 campaign against Sen. McCain, and this time around I’m confident that I’ve built a campaign that can go all the way.

I'm not interested in being “just another senator” in Washington, D.C. My mission is to transform a broken institution by bringing common sense and a hands-on philosophy to the U.S. Senate. Frankly, I'm fed up with career politicians who lack the courage to fight, and who sit on the sidelines while we run trillion-dollar deficits. Beginning on my first day in office, I will be a champion for “America First” policies that reignite the American economy, eliminate job-killing regulations and improve the life and liberty of every American.

I cannot win this fight alone – I need your help. Now is the time to transform our government and start holding it accountable again to the will of the people. Won’t you join me in this fight? Together, we can win for our children, our state and our country. If you support me now, I promise to serve every day as a voice for Arizona once I get to Washington.


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“The White House cannot fall into the trap laid by amnesty politicians like Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Martha McSally. The need to secure America's southern border and end the inducements leading to illegal immigration is now more important than ever. For this reason, I respectfully but strongly disagree with the White House’s immigration framework.”
The 15-term congressman and former Reagan speechwriter joins a growing list of high-profile supporters of Ward’s campaign
The nationally known Iowa congressman adds his name to an expanding list of Constitutional conservatives supporting Ward’s campaign

We’re through with lying, fake “conservatives.”

Stand with Kelli Ward

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