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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

“As senator, she will bring a new voice and a fresh perspective to the Senate. Likewise, her record as state senator in Arizona shows that she served her constituents admirably and was not beholden to lobbyists or special interests. This is what we need more of in Washington, D.C. I support her candidacy for the U.S. Senate.”


U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

“We don’t need any more senators who will go to Washington and compromise on the promises that they made to the voters who elected them. We need principled, conservative representatives who will be smart on enforcing border security and cracking down on illegal immigration. I am confident that Dr. Ward is that candidate, and I am proud to endorse her candidacy for U.S. Senate.”


U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

"Dr. Ward will be a champion of security for the people of the United States and will help free American citizens from the bureaucracy and oppressive government that drags us down. I’m excited to support her campaign for U.S. Senate."


Ed Rollins - Campaign Manager for Ronald Reagan (1984)

“Dr. Kelli Ward is a strong, talented candidate with a very passionate Republican following in Arizona. And she is the only Republican who can defeat Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in a general election.”


Sean Hannity

"If you want a strong conservative elected from your state… Dr. Ward is that person."


Laura Ingraham

“Dr. Ward is by far the most committed to the conservative-populist cause. She wants to make America great again. She’s been a stalwart supporter of this president — even when so many in the Republican Party have turned tail and run away from him at key junctures.”


Mark Levin

"I am officially endorsing Kelli Ward for the United States Senate in Arizona. We know Kelli Ward will be a conservative vote."


Dick Morris

“Kelli Ward is the real deal. A solid conservative who is not infected with the Washington virus that has changed some of her opponents into waffles.”



State Senator Sonny Borrelli

“As a retired Marine Corps veteran - and having served with Dr. Kelli Ward in the State Senate - I can assure you that she has always been an outstanding advocate for veterans causes. She is dedicated to following through with that commitment of support to our veterans after she’s elected to the U.S. Senate.”


Sylvia Allen, State Sen.

“I served with Kelli Ward in the Arizona State Senate – I know that she will stand strong and serve us well in the U.S. Senate.”


Warren Petersen, State Senator

"During her time in the Arizona State Senate, Kelli Ward was one of the strongest advocates for conservative values and principles. Washington, D.C. is in desperate need of capable, qualified people like Kelli Ward to advance the 'America First' agenda. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for U.S. Senate."


Nancy Barto, State Sen.

"This is the voice we need in Washington right now. As a practicing physician, she was willing to put her beliefs, her experience, and the truth ahead of pleasing colleagues and associations. This is the kind of person and leader we need in Arizona."


David Farnsworth, State Sen.

“I worked side by side with Kelly in the AZ Senate. She is a solid, honest and hardworking conservative!” 


Travis Grantham, State Rep.

“I have known Kelli Ward for a long time. Her husband Mike was my flight surgeon in the Air Force. Kelli is the only person in this race with a reliable conservative voting record and we need her representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Kelli will stand up and fight against the swamp and our out-of-control federal government.”


Jill Norgaard, State Rep.

“Dr. Kelli Ward was an effective legislator in the Arizona State Senate, capably working across party lines to sponsor bipartisan legislation that eliminated onerous regulations and supported small businesses. She will do the same in Washington.”


Russell Pearce, Former Senate President

“Dr. Kelli Ward is a warrior in defense of our borders, the rule of law, lower taxes allowing families to keep more of their hard earned dollars, our liberties guaranteed under the Constitution and restraints placed on government. Dr. Ward is not just a conservative during the election, but will be a proven, consistent Constitutional conservative in Congress. I am happy to endorse and support her bid for the U.S. Senate.”


Barbara Leff, Former State Senator

“I am proud to endorse Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S Senate. As a State Senator, Dr. Ward was instrumental in the passage of legislation to train teachers in suicide prevention and awareness. She made a difference for hundreds of Arizona families during her time in the legislature, and I know she will do the same in Washington.”


Al Melvin, Former State Senator

“Dr. Kelli Ward and I served together as state senators in the Arizona Legislature. She will make a great conservative U.S. Senator. I urge all my fellow Arizona conservatives to vote for her and to support her – she will not let us down.”


Royce Flora, Maricopa County Treasurer

“Arizona has been forced to endure decades of failed representation in the U.S. Senate. Kelli Ward is the conservative champion Arizona deserves.”


Jake Hoffman, Queen Creek City Council

"Washington is failing the American people. Dr. Ward has the courage, conviction, and integrity to fight the swamp and force Washington to put America first."


Emilena Turley, Vice Mayor of Queen Creek

“Dr. Kelli Ward understands the challenges our country is facing and has the courage to do something about it. She has my full support.”


Mohave County Supervisor, Hildy Angius

“I have known Kelli Ward from the moment she entered the political arena. She is smart, compassionate, and principled. I worked closely with her when she was in the Arizona State Senate, and there is nobody who works harder for the issues she believes in. She helped me personally with an issue that eventually saved our county hundreds of thousands of dollars. Arizona would be lucky to have Kelli Ward as a U.S. Senator.”



Tim Macy, Chairman, Gun Owners of America

"Arizona is one of the most pro-gun states in the union. And you deserve a Senator to reflect Arizona’s pro-gun values. That's why Gun Owners of America is proud to support Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate. "


Tim Selaty Sr., Executive Director, Citizens for Trump

"Dr. Ward is Arizona’s clear Pro-Trump choice for the U.S. Senate. Kelli was an early staunch supporter of Donald Trump for President. Dr. Ward is fully committed to supporting President Trump’s 'America First' agenda and we are confident that she will do the same as the next U.S. Senator from Arizona."


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