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Arizonans deserve better than Washington double-speak. You will always know exactly where Kelli stands on the issues that matter to you.

Meet Dr. Kelli Ward: Learn about her strong principles

The Constitution

Kelli agrees with the late Justice Scalia’s view that “The Constitution is not a living organism. It's a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn't say what it doesn't say."

Even more importantly, Kelli believes that our rights are granted by God, not government. Although the rights of the people are unlimited and unenumerated, federal powers are strictly limited by their enumeration in Article I, Section 8. According to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, all other rights and powers belong to the people and the States respectively.


Education is a huge part of Kelli’s life, as a mom and a lifelong student. As a doctor, she never stops learning. And as a parent, she wants the next generation to have even more opportunity than the last.

That’s why it’s so important to rethink the way our education system is run. We need to stop letting faraway politicians micromanage our children’s education. Politicians in Washington don’t know what’s best for kids in Arizona – we as parents do. Kelli supports school choice for all families, no matter where they live.

Jobs and the economy are tied directly to education: our future depends on our children getting the training and skills they need to be successful. Assuring quality education is also crucial to our country’s well-being and prosperity, especially in a global economy.

Faith & Family

Kelli believes that traditional principles and values strengthen our communities and make America stronger. Her professional record as a physician and her record as an Arizona State Senator have proven that she is and has always been pro-life.

Gun Rights

There is no right more fundamental to the character and safety of our nation than the right to keep and bear arms. Our Founding Fathers understood that fact, which is why our constitution ensures that it shall not be infringed.

Kelli will stand up to the constant infringements on our Constitutional rights. Her record supporting Second Amendment rights is undeniable -- that's why she was endorsed by the Gun Owners of America and National Association for Gun Rights in 2016.


Kelli has seen all sides of America’s healthcare system, from medical school, to private practice, to the emergency room, and beyond. She knows there is nothing wrong with our healthcare system that can be fixed by Washington politicians or scheming bureaucrats.

As a D.O., Kelli has been recognized by patients and peers alike for achievements in the field of medicine, and the principles she relies on as a physician are sorely needed in our healthcare debate.
  • Patients first – ALWAYS
  • Preserve the doctor-patient relationship
  • Government bureaucrats and insurance industry lobbyists are NOT doctors, they don’t put patients first
  • When doctors and patients cut out the middle-men, healthcare is more affordable and far less complicated
  • ObamaCare is a disaster for patients, doctors, and taxpayers, and must be fully repealed in favor of free market solutions
Learn more by reading Kelli’s detailed Patient Power Plan.


National Security starts with border security. We can never be secure as a nation as long as we have wide open borders and a dysfunctional immigration system. We cannot reward breaking our laws with citizenship, ever.

Our porous border is directly endangering Arizona children and families, the very people Kelli has spent her career caring for as a family practice doctor. Kelli looks forward to fighting alongside President Donald Trump to stop illegal immigration and secure America’s borders, our top national security priorities.

Jobs & Economy

Personal responsibility, government meddling less in our day-to-day lives, and lower taxes are key ingredients to stimulate economic growth and job creation. So often we hear statistics and generalities, but one’s job is a deeply personal issue and a major aspect of their life. We need to focus on the dignity and independence that good jobs provide and adjust our policies accordingly.

National Security

As a military wife of a husband who has been deployed overseas, Kelli supports military engagement only as a last resort, only when Constitutionally approved by Congress, and only when there is a clear strategy for decisive victory. She does not support endless occupations and expensive nation-building overseas.

Kelli Ward believes, like Ronald Reagan, in "Peace Through Strength,” alongside a realistic and restrained foreign policy. We simply cannot afford to be the world's policeman anymore, and weak half-measures often cause more problems than they solve.


As a child, Kelli’s grandmother would take her to the VFW for every holiday, parade, and event. As an adult, she’s been a supportive military wife and has worried and waited for her husband to return from Iraq, where he was being rocketed on a daily basis. That’s why she’s a life member of the VFW Auxiliary.

Since she and Mike moved to Arizona in 1999, and throughout her time as a state legislator, Kelli has been a steadfast supporter of the Arizona National Guard and all members of the military in Arizona.

It’s as important as ever that we honor our veterans by fixing the disastrous VA and ensure that they receive the best healthcare this country has to offer — without red tape and bureaucracy.

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