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Dr. Kelli Ward Slams Rep. Sinema on Her Support from Dark Places
Whether it's the butchers at Planned Parenthood or the alleged enablers of child and human trafficking at Backpage, Representative Sinema attracts support from very dark places. Read More.
Joyce Wants You To Support Dr. Kelli Ward For US Senate
Our fight has just begun to limit government, lower taxes, secure the border and heal the VA. Read More.
Hope For The Beginning Of Real Change On The Border
What Senator Flake seems to have forgotten is that drones, cameras, and more Border Patrol are already in place. Read More.
Kelli Speaks with The Millennial Post at CPAC
During CPAC last week, Kelli had the chance to speak with The Millennial Post. Read More.
Immigration Executive Order
In a prepared statement and video from her campaign, Ward noted that the FBI is investigating more than 300 refugees for possible terrorism ties. Read More.
Kelli Ward Endorses Sessions Plan to End Sanctuary City Aid
Taxpayers forced to fund left-wing local governments “outrageous” Read More.
Ward Endorses Trump Budget Framework
Kelli Ward today endorsed the budget proposal President Trump put forward this morning and urged Arizona’s representatives to move it through quickly. Read More.
Kelli on BBC News to talk about President Trump's immigration Executive Order
Kelli Ward on BBC News Channel to talk about POTUS immigration Executive Order Read More.
Kelli Ward: By Repealing ObamaCare, Dems will be Forced to Compromise on Replacement
Ward’s plan moves towards a free market through a combination of tax credits, block grants, Health Savings Accounts and market competition. Read More.
Why do I oppose forced paid leave? Because government needs to get out of the way.
Have you ever owned a business? And do you understand freedom & capitalism in the US vs. forced participation, high taxes, & socialism in Europe? Read More.
Kelli on The Seth and Chris Show on 960 The Patriot Phoenix
Kelli was interviewed on the Seth and Chris Show on 960 The Patriot Phoenix today. Check it out here: Read More.
Newsmax: Tough Primary Road Ahead for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake
Although Arizona’s Republican primary is more than a year away, a new poll shows that freshman Sen. Jeff Flake is already vulnerable to a challenge from the right. Read More.
VOA: Trump’s Supporters in US Southwest Applaud His Policies
Ward looks to Trump to reverse the ACA, to cut taxes and to make more cautious use of the U.S. military. Read More.

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