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Dr Kelli Ward enters 2018 US Senate race
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has just earned a primary challenge in 2018 because of his efforts to undermine the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump Read More.
Let's Take Our Country Back!
Today, our nation will make a critical decision that will impact the direction of our country for generations. Read More.
Happy Veterans Day!
It’s as important as ever that we honor our veterans by fixing the disastrous VA and ensure that they receive the best healthcare this country has to offer — without red tape and bureaucracy. Read More.
Don't Let Flake and "NeverTrump" Hand The Election To Hillary
Despite the treachery of the "NeverTrump" globalists, we must deliver Arizona's electoral votes to Donald Trump by getting all the sensible people we know to the polls. If Flake and his ilk succeed in delivering Arizona to Hillary, there is almost no path for Donald Trump to win. Read More.

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