Why do I oppose forced paid leave? Because government needs to get out of the way.

People have asked why I oppose forced paid leave. First and foremost, I believe in small government and less regulation as well as the free market and competition.

Have you ever owned a business? And do you understand freedom & capitalism in the US vs. forced participation, high taxes, & socialism in Europe?

Some downsides to government mandated paid leave:

Paying someone for 3 months while no work is being produced by that person.

Saving someone's job for 3 months while forcing others who aren't on leave to make due with less.

Hiring a temporary worker to fill in and having to pay twice as much for the same work to be done.

What happens if the person gets paid for 3 months and decides not to return to your business? How do you recoup the money? You cannot recoup the time. And now you are in the hole because you have to take more time to find a new worker and more time to train him/her.

It's a losing proposition for most small businesses and some large ones as well. Government needs to get out of the way. Businesses should determine if they want to offer paid leave or not. We don't need another government mandate. We need the free market and competition to Make America Great Again. 
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