The President’s budget begins the process of draining the swamp.

Ward Endorses Trump Budget Framework

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward today endorsed the budget proposal President Trump put forward this morning and urged Arizona’s representatives to move it through quickly.

“The President’s budget begins the process of draining the swamp by eliminating dozens of unconstitutional, duplicative and unnecessary federal programs that should be run by the states, if at all,” Ward said. “I hope our five Republican House members stand united with the president in support of this plan.”

Ward said she knows her own Congressman Paul Gosar will be a solid vote for the president’s spending cuts but said she had personally sent an email to both Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake asking that they put politics aside and support the president’s budget.

“The President’s budget proposal eliminates wasteful spending and redirects dollars to the Constitutional functions of border security and national security,” Ward noted. “I know both Senators have had their differences with the president with Jeff Flake even admitting he voted for Evan #NeverTrump McMullin against President Trump. But I hope both will put politics aside and stand with the president as he makes the most significant reduction in federal spending in our lifetimes.”

Ward is challenging Flake for renomination in 2018 and last year held John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote in his primary election. She argues that Arizona needs a conservative Senator to stand with the president and take apart the failed liberal welfare state and that Jeff Flake is just too “moderate” to do the job. If reelected, Flake will have been in Washington for nearly a quarter century.
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