Virginia Attorney General-Elect Pledges to Investigate Loudoun County School Board’s Coverup of Bathroom Sexual Assault

The incoming Republican Attorney General of Virginia plans to investigate Loudoun County’s school board in connection to a sexual assault in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

Jason Minyares confirmed Thursday that he intended to initiate an investigation into Loudoun County’s handling of the sexual assault, responding to a question on the matter with a simple “yes.” Minyares was speaking at a press conference introducing the team of prosecutors he intends to appoint as Attorney General.

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed not to have known of the sexual assault, despite acknowledging the event in an email after the story was reported. The shocking story, for which a cross-dressing student was convicted of last month, is said to have fueled a backlash against the woke domination of the Democratic Party prior to Virginia’s elections earlier in the week. Republicans won all three statewide offices, showing renewed appeal to suburban white voters the party struggled with in the last two federal elections.

The student in question stands accused of yet another sexual assault at a different school, with enraged parents questioning how the boy was simply shuffled into another school without transparency on the part of the school board. The father of the victim in the second incident was slapped with false criminal charges for leading a protest at a school board meeting, with an ultraprogressive prosecutor speaking openly of her desire to silence Scott Smith.

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