Democrats in the Congress held a sham hearing to try and discredit the findings of America’s Audit. They even trotted out two of the Maricopa County Supervisors. Bill Gates and Jack Sellers, who have spent the last several months using every trick in the book, and some not in the book, to delay and obstruct the State Senate’s audit and their subpoenas. 
Congressman Biggs got the supervisors to admit, while testifying to Congress, that they had deleted election data from the servers and instead archived the data. By archiving the data, they decided that the information was no longer on the servers and therefore did not need to be forwarded to the audit team, to fulfill the subpoenas. They basically broke the law and admitted it!
These were legally issued subpoenas, the courts confirmed it, the state Attorney General confirmed it. This was not archiving data; this was withholding evidence. 

Biggs also pressed them about other data that was deleted from the servers. The supervisors claimed it was to clear space. When Biggs asked them if this is a standard practice after each election – they said they would have to check. Congressman Biggs did comment that he was confused – if it was a standard practice to clear space on those servers after an election, why the servers still had information from previous elections?
Congressman Paul Gosar also stood strong. He pointed out that in 2017, it was Democrats, including Congressman Raskin, who was part of this sham hearing, which questioned the results of the 2016 election. He also questioned why the Maricopa supervisors chose a path of delay and obstruction rather than transparency.
The supervisors damning testimony, that they “archived” materials and then used that to with hold information that was subpoenaed should be enough to show the county violated the law - Attorney General Brnovich needs to act swiftly!
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