Supreme Court Hears ‘Remain In Mexico’ Case

The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday regarding the “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented during the Trump administration.

The policy is technically called “Migrant Protection Protocols,” but is known as “Remain in Mexico.” It started in the Trump era and required certain migrants seeking asylum to the United States to stay in Mexico while they waited for an immigration hearing.

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden put a temporary stop on the program, but Texas and Missouri sued. In June, the Department of Homeland Security tried to end the program altogether, but a judge ultimately put it back into place, ruling that DHS had to keep the policy.

There are two sides to this complex issue. Those opposing the policy say it can create a dangerous situation for the migrants waiting in Mexico, where conditions aren’t always healthy or safe. DHS also says the program puts strain on the United States’ relationship with Mexico.
gray pillars by Claire Anderson is licensed under Unsplash

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