Sinema, Lee introduce Hoover Dam funding bill

Arizona Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Nevada Rep. Susie Lee introduced legislation this week aimed at enabling $45 million in Bureau of Reclamation funds to be used for helping the Hoover Dam.

Proponents of the "Help Hoover Dam Act" say it would cut regulations and allow the bureau to tap into the Colorado River Dam Fund to support efforts related to the dam's upkeep.

Ed Gerak, Executive Director of Irrigation and Electrical Districts of Arizona, said in a statement that the funding could help mitigate possible price increases for electricity. 

This commonsense, bipartisan legislation will help keep our energy prices from going up, protect our natural resources and save taxpayers money," Lee said in a statement

The Hoover Dam was built and began operation in the 1930s to serve a growing population in the southwestern United States. According to the Arizona Power Authority, the dam impacts the electricity of roughly 8 million people. 

Energy and water policy continue to be top of mind for leaders in Colorado River basin states, as they try to find ways to serve a high population while stewarding limited resources. 


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