Ron DeSantis Blasts Biden Over Gas Prices, Inflation: ‘We’d Be In A Better Spot’ With My Policies

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) slammed President Joe Biden during remarks Thursday morning for soaring inflation rates and surging gas prices, saying that Biden “has facilitated this” and that the administration knows they are responsible for it.

The remarks from DeSantis come after Biden sent a letter threatening the oil industry if they did not do more to combat rising fuel costs, which led to oil companies firing back and saying that the administration needs to change its policies to allow them to do more.

DeSantis said during an event in Miami-Dade that if he could go back in time to the start of the administration, he “would just do the opposite of what Biden has done, and we’d be in a better spot.”

“I mean, I really think it’s, he’s got a lot of chutzpah to attack energy producers when he campaigned saying he was going to shut down energy production in the United States,” DeSantis said. “He said, we’re not going to let them drill, we’re not going to give leases, we’re not going to do any of that. And so then he comes in, he puts really negative policies to try to kneecap American energy production. And of course, that’s been a huge driver as to why we now have gas higher than we have ever seen it before, in my lifetime in this country.”

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