New Polling Has Flake in Freefall

Tempe, AZ – Conservative Republican US Senate Candidate Kelli Ward revealed today polling that shows a continued slide for current US Senator Jeff Flake with Dr. Ward now leading 30% to 23% in the 2018 GOP primary. Flake, once at 31% in two polls in November, has fallen while Ward continues to show a solid base of 30%.

Florida polling firm Political Marketing International interviewed 921 likely Arizona Republican primary voters on February 7 and found 272 (30%) chose Kelli Ward, 213 (23%) chose Jeff Flake, and 436 (47%) were undecided. The margin of error was 5% with everyone polled having voted in three of the last three GOP primary elections. Earlier in November Ward was shown to have 74% Name ID statewide and was trailing Flake 31%-29%. A separate poll by Axiom Strategies had similar results.

Said Dr. Ward, “I look forward to continuing to build on the momentum that simply has not stopped since the 2016 primary. People are thrilled about the prospect of a competent, qualified, capable Arizona Senator who listens to the people of our state.”

With Flake’s numbers constantly falling and just over $500,000 in the bank while the average US Senator has $3 million on hand, Jeff Flake is in the worst re-election position of any member of the US Senate both Republican and Democrat.

In 2012, Kelli entered politics by running for a seat in the Arizona State Senate and was unopposed for reelection in 2014. While serving in office, she continued to practice medicine in the emergency department in Lake Havasu City and Kingman, Arizona.

Noted as the most conservative member of the Arizona State Senate, in 2015 she announced her candidacy for the United States Senate against 34-year incumbent John McCain in the Republican primary in the 2016 election. Despite being outspent 10 to 1, Kelli Ward held McCain to his lowest historical primary total ever at 51%.

In October, Kelli announced that she will challenge Republican Senator Jeff Flake, one of President Trump's biggest foes, in the 2018 primary election.

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