N.H. Rejects Biden’s Vaccine Contract After Anti-Mandate Protests

Citizens of New Hampshire have continued to protest vaccine mandates, which has led to the state’s Executive Council rejecting federal funding for vaccines. On Wednesday, scores of protesters took to the Executive Council meeting ahead of its vote on the $27 million federal contract.

A vaccine mandate was included as part of that contract. However, council members voted ‘no,’ making New Hampshire the first state to reject federal funds to push vaccination.

“I’ve already voted against it once,” stated Joe Kenney, (R) New Hampshire, Executive Councilor. “Again, my concern is the central vaccine registration mandates in the contract and I don’t want to see the Biden administration dictate to New Hampshire what it should do and what it shouldn’t do.”
COVID-19 vaccine by Alachua County is licensed under flickr Public Domain Mark 1.0
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