Milder Omicron Variant Made Up Nearly All New COVID Cases Last Week

Delta fumbled the ball, but Omicron recovered it and is roaring down the field.

“Health officials reported Tuesday morning that Omicron now accounts for an estimated 98 percent of COVID cases in the U.S., up from 95 percent last week, and meaning that nearly all cases in the U.S. are of the strain that was only discovered months ago,” The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

The U.K. paper said there was also good news, noting that “signs are pointing to the variant slowly losing steam and peaking in the next few weeks, if other former hotspots around the world are any indication.”

Over the past week, the U.S. has averaged 767,000 new cases per day — the most since the pandemic hit in February 2020. Before Omicron arrived, the average was just more than 235,000 cases, meaning cases have tripled, The Mail reported.
2022 by Behnam Norouzi is licensed under Unsplash

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