Loudoun County School Board Blasted Over Daily Wire Sex Assault Report, Parents Demand Resignations

The Loudon County Public Schools board was under fire during its public meeting Tuesday night, following a blockbuster report from the Daily Wirealleging that the district covered up a sexual assault that happened in one of its high schools. Parents and other individuals logged on to the meeting to blast the board for “hiding evidence” of the assault.

Fight for Schools Loudoun County, which has been pressing for a recall of the full school board, also demanded that the full board resign in the wake of the explosive report.

“More than 60 concerned parents, students, and residents spoke at the Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday evening, with many demanding the resignation of Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler in the wake of allegations that the school district covered up two alleged sexual assaults,” Fox News noted Wednesday morning.

Each person with comment was required to enter the board room by themselves, and each person was given just one minute to speak.
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