Hope For The Beginning Of Real Change On The Border

What Senator Flake seems to have forgotten is that drones, cameras, and more Border Patrol are already in place. What we need is a defined, obvious border barrier and shutting down sanctuary cities. Unfortunately Senator Flake refers to cities which violate federal law and refuse to work with ICE when illegals are detained, as “so-called sanctuary cities.” With the mindset that these cities are “so-called”, don’t plan on Jeff Flake ever seeking the good of our nation or the State of Arizona. Obviously by labeling them “so-called” he doesn’t believe sanctuary cities even exist.

Senator Flake will be tested in his upcoming mid-term re-election bid by Republican candidate Kelli Ward. Dr. Ward challenged John McCain for his seat in the most recent election, holding him to just 51 percent of the vote. She is a very viable candidate to unseat Senator Flake in 2018.
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