FAUCI: “Misplaced Perception” to Place Individual Freedoms Over “Societal Safety”

Federal medical czar Anthony Fauci slammed what he claims is confusion over rights and freedoms in America in a new interview with CBS released Sunday, taking aim at President Donald Trump for criticizing draconian coronavirus restrictions in states such as Michigan. 

Fauci cited what he sees as a “misplaced perception about people’s individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety” in the interview,” claiming that President Trump harbored such a an alleged misperception.

Fauci’s understanding of mass obligations towards his own definition of “societal safety” deeply conflicts with traditional American understandings of the rights and freedoms cherished under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and more resembles the social credit system practiced in China.

A new documentary seeking to coronate the governmental doctor as a hero has been swamped with dislikes and negative comments, with the public tiring of an unelected tyrant who sees it fit to make callous determinations on their own ability to leave their homes, live normal lives, and make their own medical decisions.
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