Dr. Kelli Ward Slams Rep. Sinema on Her Support from Dark Places

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April 20, 2017
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Dr. Kelli Ward Slams Rep. Sinema on Her Support from Dark Places
Support from porn purveyor indicative of larger problem

Tempe, AZ – Republican Senate candidate and physician, Dr. Kelli Ward, responded to the latest allegations regarding the notorious Backpage founders’ support of Representative Kyrsten Sinema. "This is just another example of Representative Sinema's consistent failure to protect the vulnerable at the expense of her big-money backers," Ward said. "Whether it's the butchers at Planned Parenthood or the alleged enablers of child and human trafficking at Backpage, Representative Sinema attracts support from very dark places."

Dr. Ward is challenging incumbent #NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake in the Republican primary. "Voters are tired of our politicians representing their special interest donors over the regular people," Dr. Ward continued. "It's why they rejected political insiders like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton to elect President Trump and why in 2018 the voters are going to defeat special interest puppets like Senator Flake and Representative Sinema."

Dr. Ward rejected Representatives Sinema's "weak" attempt to remedy the situation. "Donating dirty money to a group that combats sexual abuse does not relieve Kyrsten of her support for these monsters and their causes. It certainly doesn't explain why she accepted their support in the first place."

Ward was elected twice to the Arizona State Senate representing western Arizona. Last year Ward held Senator John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote and has announced her candidacy against Jeff Flake, with whom she polls neck-and-neck in repeated matchups.
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