Disbarment Trial of Trump's Attorney John Eastman Features Testimony by Progressive Michigan Secretary of State's Spokesman

The disbarment trial of constitutional legal scholar John Eastman, who advised former President Donald Trump on challenging election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, continued on Wednesday featuring cross-examination of Eastman by the State Bar of California’s attorney Duncan Carling and testimony from Jake Rollow, who was progressive election official from Michigan.

Rollow was the communications director for the Michigan Secretary of State during the 2020 election.

A constitutional attorney who declined to be identified for fear of retaliation, expressed his concern to The Arizona Sun Times about the type of questions the California bar’s attorney asked Eastman.

“This is so repetitive,” he said. “There are only like five things they ever ask John about: 1) Actions in states where John was not involved. 2) Years-old articles that misquote John that he now has to defend. 3) Hearsay about advice given to someone who was not John’s client. 4) Explaining the constitution to the judge. 5) One quoted stat from one brief which John didn’t write.”

Rollow went first on Wednesday testifying.

Rollow currently works as the director of Community Services for the City of Hyattsville, where he said his goal is to stay “inclusive in our outreach.”

When asked why he took the position with the Michigan Secretary of State, Rollow said, “I have an interest in democracy, and making sure it was representative of all people and viewpoints.”

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