Deadly Democrats: The Crime Wave No One’s Talking About

Violent crime continues to rise across the United States, and Democratic politicians are struggling to defend their anti-law enforcement policies that have in some cases resulted in preventable deaths. This alarming crime wave has coincided with a marked increase in the number of Democratic donors, operatives, and elected officials (and other left-wing maniacs) arrested and charged with violent crimes.

Here are a few of the most notable Democratic Party officials and associates to be charged, prosecuted, or sentenced for violent crimes in 2022:

Sean Caddle, a longtime Democratic consultant in New Jersey, pleaded guilty in January to hiring two people to murder a former associate, Michael Galdieri, who was found stabbed to death in his apartment in May 2014. Caddle, a former aide to Democratic state senator Ray Lesniak, operated a network of shady super PACs that poured money into local races throughout New Jersey. He was also implicated in an ACORN-linked voter fraud scandal in Texas. Caddle was scheduled to be sentenced in June, but that hearing was postponed until December amid reports that the Democratic operative was cooperating with federal authorities.
Held at gunpoint by Maxim Hopman is licensed under Unsplash
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