Court: ‘Executive Deputy Director’ Role in Hobbs Administration Violates Arizona Law

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, who has “Executive Deputy Directors” running state agencies, lost in court on Wednesday. Hobbs has used the tactic to avoid more nominees being rejected by the Republican-led Senate Committee on Director Nominations.

The Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County said the current leaders of these agencies are “de facto” and “in violation of Arizona law.” Thirteen agency leaders are considered EDDs; however, Hobbs is not obligated to give nominations for directors to the committee just yet as arguments on that will be in late July or early August, according to Capitol Media Services.

“It is also not lost on the Cut that the Executive Deputy Directors are the same individuals that the Governor previously nominated and forwarded to the Senate for review, but withdrew when she greatly frustrated with the Senate,” the ruling stated. “One of the EDDs – Joan Serviss – had even previously been considered and rejected by the Senate’s DINO committee.”

Sen. Jake Hoffman, R-Queen Creek, who chairs the committee, agreed with the judge’s ruling.

“I look forward to continuing our confirmation hearings in the near future now that much-needed clarity on the law has been provided by the courts to Hobbs and her staff,” said Sen. Hoffman. “If Katie wishes to continue her petulant insults against me and to play petty political games, so be it; but I’m going to continue faithfully fulfilling my duty to the people of this great state to ensure that we have a sane government that works for every Arizonan.”

However, the governor’s office said that the committee has been overtly political in its move to turn down some of the Democrat’s choices for the agencies.

“Arizonans want sanity, not the chaos of indicted fake elector Jake Hoffman’s sham committee that he abuses to force his radical political agenda on Arizonans. Governor Hobbs stands ready to work with anybody in the Senate who is serious about putting the political games aside and delivering for everyday Arizonans, and as she’s said from day one, she remains open to a fair and timely process for confirmation of nominees,” her office stated.

They indicated that the ruling will likely be challenged.

Katie Hobbs by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons
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