Conservative Candidate Brad Miller Running Against Election Fraud Denying Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkner

Republican Brad Miller, a longtime prosecutor, is challenging incumbent Pinal County Attorney Republican Kent Volkmer, an election fraud denier, for the office.

Miller points to a long list of problems with the office, including mishandling criminal issues and election integrity, as reasons change is needed.

Miller, who also practices civil law, states his principles on his website, “We must protect our borders, we must stand by and support our police, and we must safeguard our way of life.” He champions the Second Amendment, “I will protect your right to own a gun!”

He said he would keep “woke policies” like ESG, “anti-American indoctrination,” and “dubious sexual education” pushed by “extreme leftist ideologies” out of education. Also, he said he will “stand tall and provide a voice for parents and elected officials, allowing them to make informed decisions based on unbiased information.”

Miller, who served as Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marines, where he still works as a prosecutor, is disturbed by the corruption in elections, citing how former Pinal County Elections Director Virginia Ross “committed fraud” and “lied” to the Pinal County Supervisors regarding the accuracy of the 2022 election numbers. Even progressive news publications reported on her false statements. The AZ Mirror said she told the supervisors, “I stand by the results,” to get them to certify the results so she could quietly retire. She was paid $40,000 per month and received a $25,000 bonus for getting the supervisors to vote yes to certify the election.

The Mirror revealed, “It would be another month before Arizona voters learned what internal evidence already showed — that Ross had botched the count in a way that excluded hundreds of votes from the original results, enough to nearly overturn the outcome of a statewide race. … a Votebeat investigation found that election officials had documented numerous errors counting ballots and witnessed several red flags before the vote.”

Miller said Volkmer approved of a transportation tax implemented by Pinal County, but the Arizona Supreme Court ruled it illegal. The county is sitting on the money it has collected from businesses and failing to return it.


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