Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Update on Arizona Ballot Audit, and NINE States are Traveling to Arizona to Learn About Forensic Audit Process

In this update Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward gives shares the background information on exactly what the audit involves after her own tour of the Maricopa County ballot audit facility. Mrs. Ward notes there are only three pallets of ballots left to be reviewed by hand before a high resolution digital image process begins on each and every ballot (Ward gives details).

Additionally, the Arizona audit team are reporting that “9 state delegations touring the audit tomorrow“, Friday June 11th. Previously, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia and Alaska were reported to have sent legislative members to the audit facility to review the process.

This is an interesting ‘behind the scene’ update for those who are following the process.

Keep the pressure on.  Election integrity is the #1 priority for our nation. We need every state legislature to hear from citizens and start to use their power to do audits of their own election procedures.  Every state should be sending a delegation to Arizona to see the process of a full forensic audit AND canvass.
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