Biden's already abysmal job approval rating sinks to new low in Gallup polling

While President Joe Biden has been underwater in Gallup's job approval polls for quite some time, he has now fallen to a new low of just 38%.

The July 5-26 survey of adults in the U.S. found that while just 38% approve of how the president is handling his role, a whopping 59% disapprove. While 13% strongly approve, 25%, moderately approve, 45% strongly disapprove, and 14% moderately disapprove.

Just 78% of Democrats and 31% of independents approve of Biden's handling of his role. While 30% of Democrats strongly approve, 48% moderately approve, 13% moderately disapprove, and 6% strongly disapprove. And while 9% of independents strongly approve, 22% moderately approve, 20% moderately disapprove, and 43% strongly disapprove.
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