Ariz. Footage Shows Suspected Violations By Poll Workers

Arizona oversight group We the People Alliance released video footage showing electoral violations by poll workers. The group says the footage shows Arizona election officials pulling mail-in ballot envelopes from the trash and putting them into drawers.

Poll workers are also seen taking pictures of ballots, walking with cell phones into unauthorized areas and using flash drives where they were not supposed to be used. We the People Alliance explained that these documented violations add to the mounting legal challenges to election outcomes in Arizona.

This comes amid ongoing probe by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich into suspected election fraud in his state. State Sen. Sonny Borrelli (R-Aiz.). commented on the matter.
“They are investigating and I spoke to the investigators,” he stated. “Several other people spoke to the investigators. This is not over by a long shot on that investigation part. We need to let them do their job. They have to make sure that they do it right. And if they find something the evidence has got to to be concrete for them to take to court. So that’s that aspect.”
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