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Dr. Kelli Ward entered politics in 2012 when she ran and won a seat in the Arizona State Senate. During her three years serving in the state legislature, Dr. Ward established a proven track record of passing legislation that supported small businesses, preserved the Second Amendment, decreased the size of government, fought the opioid crisis, protected vulnerable Arizona students and increased school choice.

Dr. Ward was one the most effective leaders in the Arizona Senate during her final year in office, getting 19 separate bills through the legislature and to the governor’s desk. Here are just a few of the conservative bills Dr. Ward sponsored that were signed into law:

  • Senate Bill 1030, otherwise known as the “Arizona Beer Bill,” allowed Arizona microbreweries to produce more beer while retaining their retail locations. It was described by industry leaders as a “small business victory” and a “historic win for free enterprise and entrepreneurism in Arizona.”
  • Senate Bill 1189 protected Arizonans’ Second Amendment rights by restoring an individual’s firearm rights if his or her judgment of guilt for certain non-violent felony convictions is set aside.
  • Senate Bill 1257 decreased government bureaucracy by transferring the administration of behavioral health services from the Department of Health Services to the state Medicaid program.
  • Senate Bill 1258 eliminated regulation by allowing the Arizona Medical Board to streamline their rules to license physicians more quickly while still protecting the public.
  • Senate Bill 1032 helped fight controlled substance abuse in Arizona by requiring an Arizona Medicaid contractor to intervene if a member has 10 or more prescriptions for controlled substances during a three-month period.
  • Senate Bill 1117 expanded school choice in Arizona by granting any state-approved charter school sponsor the ability to sponsor an online charter school program.
  • Senate Bill 1459 forced schools that restrained or secluded students showing disruptive behavior to notify parents within 24 hours. The bill specifically protected Arizona’s most vulnerable students – such as those with autism. The bill passed both houses unanimously.
  • Senate Bill 1461 allowed parents of a student with dyslexia to exempt their child from the requirement that students be held back in third grade if they are not reading proficiently. It also permitted teachers to include specific dyslexia training in their required continuing-education credits.

Dr. Ward will focus on listening to the needs and concerns of her constituents back home and sponsoring legislation that helps and strengthens Arizona and America.  Quite simply, Dr. Ward knows how to get the job done and she’s effective at doing it.














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