Border Security

Illegal immigration affects every aspect of America’s society. It affects education, healthcare, public safety, and so much more.

Kelli believes that national security begins with border security. She holds Congress and the past three administrations directly responsible for their unwillingness to secure the border, which was a failure on their part to fulfill the primary function of government – to protect its citizens.

Despite attempts at every level of government by Democrats to stop him, President Trump has taken incredibly positive steps toward securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws. These changes by the president are critical to keeping Americans safe and preserving the rule of law in our country. Instead of obstructing the president at every turn, our lawmakers should work with the president to help implement his ‘America First’ agenda.

It’s important that the U.S. government pass legal immigration policies designed to serve America in the 21st century. Kelli fully supports the RAISE Act, which President Trump has championed, to reform our legal immigration system. This legislation would create a merit-based immigration system that protects the American worker, taxpayer and economy.

An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, and yet many in our federal government want to continue admitting over a million permanent legal residents each year, which has led to massive implications for the U.S. labor market. The fact is that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from American workers, particularly poor and disadvantaged citizens and legal immigrants.

Recent immigrants did not come to America for the same long-term economic stagnation that they left behind in their home countries. They came to be part of the American Dream. The last thing they need is millions of illegal immigrants competing for their jobs and driving down their wages further.

We can never be secure as a nation as long as we have wide open borders and a dysfunctional immigration system. Kelli does not think that our government should reward those who have broken our laws by granting them amnesty or citizenship. Rather, she believes that there should be consequences for people who enter our country the wrong way.

America will continue to welcome legal immigrants, but no nation can survive without secure borders. Congress should propose a border security bill that includes funding and starting of President Trump’s border wall. This border security legislation should also include 24/7 high tech monitoring accessible by the public online.

Kelli looks forward to fighting alongside President Donald Trump to stop illegal immigration and secure America’s borders.


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