But what do all of these politicos also have in common besides being tapped by insider Establishment Republicans? They all, despite how much some of them profess their love and devotion to President Trump, didn’t have the stones to run against Jeff Flake and will have made the “brave” decision to run for Senate only after Flake decided he wasn’t going to run.

No new candidates have entered the race as of now, but it won’t be long before Arizona’s 2018 Senate primary becomes a massive horse and pony show with politicians and Arizona personalities jockeying for that coveted seat in DC. But before you get overwhelmed by the choices, let us make this election so simple for you with a litmus test that will virtually eliminate almost every single candidate and leave you with only one viable option. Here it is.

When deciding which Republican to support, hold them to this single standard: Which of these Republicans was willing to challenge Senator Jeff Flake in the very beginning and fight for conservative values even when being ridiculed by the Arizona political establishment? Some of the politicians likely to run for Flake’s seat will be smart and seeing how Flake fared with his anti-Trump baloney, they will be quick to chime in how pro-Trump and America First they are. Almost every candidate will tout how they stepped up to the plate yet ask every one of them this question:

If you are such a pro-Trump supporter and believe in changing DC, why did you wait until Flake stepped down before taking up this cause, even while Flake openly bashed and criticized our President? Why did you remain silent and why are you now running for office when the stakes have been lowered and the opposition eliminated? Where were you months ago when Flake issued his hit-piece, The Conscience of a Conservative?

Believe me but no candidate that has or will express interest in this Senate race can satisfy this category except Kelli Ward. Kelli Ward began her campaign against Flake after being defeated by Establishment McCain in 2016 and has been standing up for our President in Arizona ever since. If you want someone who fights even when the going gets tough and the right fight becomes unpopular, Kelli Ward is your woman. She didn’t back down when attacked by McCain and his cronies. And she won’t back down now. But what about these other candidates who waited to run for the Senate when it was easy? How can you be sure that once they reach DC, they will not always take the easy way out, even when it’s bad for Arizonans?

So it’s simple –  vote for Kelli Ward, the only Senate candidate who had the gumption to actually drain the swamp by challenging Jeff Flake and eliminate every single other person who tries to throw their hat into this ring with the simple question of “where were you when Arizona needed you?”
Source: AZ Monitor


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