New Website Brands Jeff Flake as the “Sanctuary Senator”

U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward has announced the launch of to highlight Senator Jeff Flake’s liberal record on immigration and border security. The campaign revealed its intent to use the site as a reminder to voters about the dismal record of “Sanctuary Senator Flake” throughout Arizona’s Republican Primary contest.
“Marco Rubio is ten times the politician that Jeff Flake is and he couldn’t even find an acceptable answer for his participation in the Gang of 8 amnesty scheme,” Dr. Ward said. “Sanctuary Senator Flake is the weakest member of the open borders establishment that Republican voters overwhelmingly rejected by nominating President Trump. will expose how out of touch Flake is with Republican voters.”
The website includes a video featuring several clips of Flake that won’t sit well with Republicans. “Our team has compiled an extensive library of Sanctuary Senator Flake being flakey,” Ward continued. “There is so much material, it is impossible to place into just one video. We have him attacking President Trump, admitting that he voted against Trump and for Evan McMullin, pushing open borders, allying himself with Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin and even advocating for ‘commonsense gun control’.”

Check out the Sanctuary Senator
The site launch comes after a tough week for Flake. BreitbartPolitico, and Vox ran articles about reports that President Trump could personally invest $10 million to defeat Flake. Polling from Morning Consult added to Flake’s bad news, showing Flake as the “most unpopular” Senator in the country with an abysmal approval rating of just 37%.  
Ward teased other signs of momentum by saying, “We are building a world class campaign that will be propelled further after productive trips to DC and New York. The best thing Sanctuary Senator Flake could do for the Republican Party and the country, is drop out of the race and focus on accomplishing at least one thing that actually limits government before his decades in Washington come to an end.”
Ward is an osteopathic physician who was elected twice to the Arizona Senate.  Ward held John McCain to just 51 percent of the vote in the 2016 U.S. Senate primary. Public polling shows her in a dead heat with Senator Flake in the 2018 primary matchup.


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