New ad highlights Senator Jeff Flake’s relentless attacks against President Trump

On the eve of President’s visit, Kelli Ward’s ad titled “Arizona deserves better” calls out Flake’s self-serving assaults on Trump

Tempe, Az.  Tempe, Az. —  Today, the Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate campaign announced the launch of a new hard-hitting campaign ad titled “Arizona deserves better.”  The spot details the attacks Senator Jeff Flake has leveled against the President from his own party and highlights his inability to effectively work with him as a result.  Beginning with a clip from Flake’s recent campaign ad where he refers to himself as a conservative, the piece refutes this claim by noting Flake’s most egregious assaults against Donald Trump, that date back to early 2016 and continue in the Senator’s new book.  The spot concludes with the statement “Arizona deserves far better” to mirror the personal attack Senator Flake made about Mr. Trump via Twitter last year.

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"President Trump doesn't support Jeff Flake for good reason -- he has opposed and insulted him for the past two years and that's a huge liability for Arizona,” said Dr. Kelli Ward.  “Furthermore, Senator Flake is not the conservative he claims to be in his recent campaign push and our new ad is just the first of many we will release to demonstrate this truth to voters.  Arizonans deserve a conservative Senator who shares our values and has a strong working relationship with the President to get things done that move our state forward.”

Above is a link to the new ad “Arizona deserves better” which will be distributed digitally across Arizona this week, including in the downtown Phoenix region via digital geographic targeting prior to the President’s campaign rally on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Kelli Ward is the only GOP candidate challenging Senator Jeff Flake in his 2018 re-election bid in Arizona.  President Trump recently sent a supportive note to Ward via Twitter, personally naming her and encouraging the challenge of Senator Flake, who the President referred to as “toxic.”  Ward’s campaign had enjoyed a recent surge of national and in-state support and visibility, including two top operatives from the largest Pro-Trump Super PAC coming on board to lead her campaign and Robert Mercer, one of the President’s largest donors, sending a $300,000 contribution to an independent PAC dedicated to supporting Ward’s candidacy according to public reports.

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