Kelli Ward Running Tough for GOP Nomination to Succeed Jeff Flake

When Sen. Jeff Flake dropped out of his re-election campaign in Arizona, some political forecasters said the U.S. Senate race in the desert southwest state was a toss-up.

But Republicans are leading Democrats in new voter registrations by a whopping ratio of 55 to one, according to former state Sen. Kelli Ward, a Republican hoping to replace Flake. And the issues favor the Republicans, she said.

“People want the wall,” Ward said when LifeZette asked her about Arizona voter preferences while she attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside Washington, D.C., on Friday. “It’s very, very positive for us.”

Ward said her priorities are curbing illegal immigration and focusing on economic growth and military and veteran issues. She was at CPAC to do a slew of media interviews as she seeks to replace Flake as the Republican senator from Arizona.

The Arizona contest is among the most important in the nation in the 2018 midterm elections because Republicans hold a slight 51-49 majority in the Senate. That means holding the Arizona seat now occupied by the retiring Flake is a top priority for Republican strategists.

Ward jumped into the U.S. Senate primary in early 2017 and attracted Ed Rollins, President Ronald Reagan’s former White House political adviser and 1984 re-election campaign manager, as an adviser. Pressure against Flake rose as he often criticized Trump.

Ward told LifeZette she is the best choice for Republican voters because she is focused on a wide variety of issues. And she said she’s the best candidate because she is not an Establishment Republican.

“What we see, in poll after poll after poll, is that [the] Republican electorate is simply fed up with the D.C. insider class,” said Ward, an osteopathic doctor. “About 60 to 65 percent of them don’t want that.”
Source: LifeZette


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