ICYMI: Ward Declares 'No Future for Weak Republicans' in USA Today Op-Ed

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelli Ward's op-ed entitled "Jeff Flake is trying to have it both ways: Kelli Ward" was published by USA Today yesterday evening, August 3. We're sharing it below in case you missed it. Please take a few moments to review Dr. Ward's strong indictment against her opponent U.S. Senator Jeff Flake: 
Jeff Flake’s book, Conscience of a Conservative, is the latest example of the blind Trump hatred emanating from a small group of self-righteous “Republicans” who join the radical left in an effort to delegitimize the president.

Flake and his fellow elitists in Washington, D.C., think that President Trump is the problem. But Republican voters knew exactly what they were doing, and more specifically, who they were rejecting when they overwhelmingly supported candidate Trump over more than a dozen “traditional” GOP candidates.

Flake’s been splashed across the pages of liberal news outlets, parroting the smear that those of us who support Trump do so out of ignorance, hatred or bigotry. He’s ignored that since the rise of the Tea Party, the Republican base is fed up with a party that never follows through on its promises.

Flake may have once wanted to limit the scope of government, but his nearly two decades in Washington prove that he’s too weak to get it done. During his tenure, the government has grown excessively, and our national debt has doubled to nearly $20 trillion. My conservative conscience is more concerned with that, not with battling our president.

Flake is trying to have it both ways. He writes a book attacking Trump, while sending out fundraising pitches to wealthy donors claiming to stand with the president: pure swamp.

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Dr. Kelli Ward is a family physician elected twice to the State Senate representing Northwest Arizona.  She has raised more than half a million dollars, so far, in her 2018 race against Flake, whom she led by 17 points in a recent poll of Republican Primary voters.
Dr. Kelli Ward is available for radio, TV and print interviews.
Source: USA Today


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