Dr. Kelli Ward proposes comprehensive, issue-oriented debates for U.S. Senate race

PHOENIX – Citing the importance of helping voters understand where all Arizona candidates for U.S. Senate stand on key issues, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward today proposed a series of debates to be held throughout Arizona leading up to the August 28 primary election.

Dr. Ward called for a series of monthly debates to be held across the state and hosted by newspapers, television, and radio stations in each market that will cover the full range of issues discussed.

"We've seen a lot of distractions and gridlock in Congress lately, so here in our state, we should have public debates that will help focus the attention on the issues Arizona voters are most concerned about," Ward said in proposing the debates. “Taxes, spending, the economy, jobs, debt, immigration, education, security, and America’s role in the world are all on Arizonans’ minds -- we should examine each of these topics thoroughly.”

“It’s important that we respect the voters by moving the debate beyond the soundbites and inevitable television ads that dominate far too much of today’s political campaigns,” said Ward. “Issue-focused debates that provide voters the opportunity to ask questions, get in-depth answers on the issues of the day, and go beyond the everyday media filter to learn more about each of the candidates on stage will benefit everyone.”

Proposed debate format:
  • Series of six debates to be held in March-August (roughly one debate per month)
  • Partner with local and national media outlets on each event
  • At least one debate held on radio and one on a major social media platform
  • Sixty to ninety-minute total length formats
  • At least two of the six to focus on specific themes of issues to allow greater depth of discussion
  • Minimum threshold of public polling support to qualify for the series

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